I was very happy to learn that Houdini did perform in Cincinnati. Ironically one theatre he performed at ‘B.F. Keith’s’ use to stand between 5th and 6th on Vine Street in Cincinnati which was on or near the very site where my office building stands today. Sadly all of the old Theatres, Hotels, and Buildings that Houdini performed at, stayed at or was suspended from, were demolished to make way for newer buildings. In this case B.F. Keith’s was demolished to build the new fountain square in 1965. The Pickering Building was demolished and is a bank today.

On November 15, 1916, Houdini performed his upside down Straitjacket escape to promote his show at B.F. Keith’s that week. He was suspended from the Pickering Building on 5th and Main street.

Nov 14, 1916; The Cincinnati Enquirer

Houdini Article Promises to Thrill Upside down Straitjacket escape Nov 14 1916

The Pickering Building 5th and Main SE corner (Far end of the street with cow sign on top)


B.F. Keith’s Theatre Add in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

B.F. Keiths Houdini Bill Nov 14 1916

B.F. Keith’s Theatre Building on Walnut between 5th and 6th Streets. It was demolished in 1965 to make Fountain Square.


10/7/2016 update:

A view of 5th Street today. The building in view is where the Pickering Building used to stand on 5th and Main street in Cincinnati.