Visiting original site where Houdini escaped a Straitjacket in 1925


October 14, 2015 by houdiniandhardeen

I was recently on a road trip. One of my destinations was in Indianapolis. I was aware that Houdini had performed a Straitjacket escape there so I decided to try and find the building. To my amazement The ‘News Building’ on 30 West Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis is still there and is in beautiful condition. The newspaper reported 12,000 turned out that day to see Houdini perform his stunt to promote his engagement at Keith’s Vaudeville that week. Looking at the original photos it is difficult to confirm that there was actually that many people at the event, however while standing on the street it definitely seemed possible to fit that many shoulder to shoulder. I could also imagine hundreds if not thousands looking down from the adjacent buildings.

10/15 Update: I have just learned that the B.F. Keith’s Theatre Building is also still standing on 115 North Pennsylvania Street. It is no longer a theatre but the building is still there.

Here is the original Newspaper article:


Photos I took on 10/13/15:





Original photos taken of Houdini:




Video on YouTube:
Link to Houdini in Indianapolis



5 thoughts on “Visiting original site where Houdini escaped a Straitjacket in 1925

  1. so awesome! thanks for sharing!


  2. Fantastic! I sorry I hadn’t discovered you blog until now. Love it. Keep up the great work.

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  3. Sensational. I love seeing original Houdini locations like this. Thanks.

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