A review of The Witch Of Limestreet (Audio Version) by David Jaher


November 4, 2015 by houdiniandhardeen

The Witch of Limestreet by David Jaher narrated by Simon Vance recounts Mediums, Spirits, Science and Houdini in the 1920’s.

This book will be very important to Houdini historians, but even more it’s a very comprehensive book written about the 1920’s Spiritualism movement, the Scientific American tests, and Harry Houdini’s fight to catch the fakers. It is a historical account of the pursuit to scientifically prove or disprove a medium could commune with the dead.

Until now the most accurately researched book that included the Margery account would probably be ‘The Secret Life of Houdini’ by Kalush and Sloman. Jaher takes us to another level letting us attend each of the Seances. Mina “Margery” Crandon is the Leading Lady and Walter her dead Brother is the leading Man (or ghost) in this story. Walter speaks during Seances, produces ectoplasm, rings the bell box while Margery is in a trance.

This book is so well researched and beautifully written you will find yourself forgetting that it is nonfiction as it reads like a fictional novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The hardback book glows in the dark as if it is possessed by the spirits.

Simon Vance did a wonderful job narrating the Audio Book and his voice and elocutuon will transport you back to the 1920’s. I am looking forward to reading the printed version (starting now).

Look for the book at your local book store, library or purchase the audio or printed book online at most sellers.



One thought on “A review of The Witch Of Limestreet (Audio Version) by David Jaher

  1. thehoudinian says:

    I’ll definitely have to pick this up! 🙂


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