imagelisted on ebay is a German post card from 1902. I don’t recall ever seeing this post card before. The seller describes it as an estate item with writing on it from Houdini talking about the death of his friend Magician C.C. Dunbar. I can make out these words: “His death was quite a shock to me”, “I am very very sorry indeed”, “Regret exceedingly to read of the death of good Dr. Walterman”, “Friend H.”,”Hello How are Ye? Regards to Mrs and yourself Houdini”.

The post mark is March 21, 1902. I do believe Houdini was still abroad at this time.

The auction is currently at $709.00. If this is genuine this would be a remarkable piece for the Houdini collector.

Link to the auction listing:

1/8/16 – Update the postcard sold for $4,520.00.