Book Review: Houdini’s Final Incredible Secret by Bob Loomis


October 10, 2016 by houdiniandhardeen


Yes another book has been written about Houdini, but this is not just another biography about Houdini. This book is a an organized log of twenty years of research Bob Loomis did to answer the riddle of how Houdini fooled Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with the famous Slate Trick!

In this book we enter the mind of the author as he takes us through his painstaking process to research and come up with several theories of the “What, Why, Who and How” this baffling trick was conceived, created, practiced, performed and who was involved!

Is this just a book about a Magic Trick with an explanation of how it was done? No not by a longshot! While the Author set out to solve how Houdini fooled Doyle on that day, he also found and documented a ton of historical material and references that will be appreciated by the Houdini enthusiast and Magician alike.

His research presents new theories about Houdini the man himself. It opens us up to complex areas about Houdini’s thought process, his method of creating and practicing his art, his ego, his temper, his need to perfect and execute without fail.

The “Who” section of this books is full of gems. Bob writes about Houdini but also about Doyle, Ernst, Carrington and their roles.  He tells us more about invisible men and women working behind the scenes such as Robert Gysel Houdini’s “Dirty Tricks” man!

Focusing on “Where” he builds a picture of Houdini’s library at his Brownstone on 278 West 113th Street in Harlem New York where the illusion is performed. He attempts to determine the exact path Doyle took around the block and where he might have stopped to write his secret message!

The Magician will learn the Secret (or at least the best theory of this day) of this famous illusion and be very entertained throughout every twist and turn of this book. The Magician will also appreciate the study of how the illusion was selected and the creative process to build it into a routine and perfect the performance.

For the Houdini Historian, or “Houdini Nut” (Yes I admit I’m one of those…), you will find this book fascinating and littered with several Rabbit Holes to go down and several points to argue with your other Houdini fanatic friends!

Bob Loomis Amazon Biography: 

Magic Circle Librarian Bob Loomis is a Canadian living in England. He has lectured on Houdini to Hollywood superstars Catherine Zeta Jones and Guy Pearce, and claims to have held her hand (okay, okay, and Guy’s as well)! Although recently appearing as himself in Lorna Gibb’s novel A Ghost’s Story, he insists that he is definitely not a figment of her imagination, but would love to be a cartoon character.
In the magic world Bob is:
* A feature article writer for The Magic Circular
* Editor of The Magical Spectator
* A Magic Circle Librarian
* One of only three Honorary Associates of the Inner Magic Circle
* President of the Association of International Magical Spectators
* Holder of the Order of Merlin Excalibur of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

328 Pages

Available on


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