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10/14/2016 by Harvey Hanford

Glen Beck talks about Houdini on his hiSTORY show.

Beck says he wanted to be a Magician as a Kid as he fumbles trying to shuffle a pack of cards and produce a fan.

According to Beck:

He says Houdini fooled the Police in Boston using a fake finger to hide keys and picks for jail escapes. Houdini wrote about this fake finger method in his book “Handcuff Secrets” but it has never been proven that he actually used this method himself.

He says during the Metamorphosis, Bess is placed in Handcuffs, Tied in a bag, Locked in a Trunk and Houdini ends up in the bag and she on top,.. but then corrects himself after making that blunder. This might seem trivial but this would mean Bess was the actual escape artist not Harry!

He pronounces Robert Houdin “Robert Whodeen”. It’s pronounced “Whoden” or “Whodan”. Houdini made this same mistake which is why he pronounced his name “Whodeenee”.

He says Houdini’s famous handcuff escape in Scotland Yard was actually a Job interview to become a Spy for MI5.

He claims Houdini’s traveling shows were planned around breaking up Counterfeiting Rings.

He does not believe in the “punch” theory. He claims Bess and Harry were both being poisoned slowly, and that Houdini was poisoned to death. He says ask any doctor if it would be possible to punch somebody in the stomach and “pop their appendix! I don’t think so!”

Much of his information is conjecture and seems to come from the 2007 book “The Secret Life of Houdini” and the Adrian Brody made for TV series “Houdini”.  Both of which are packed with some far fetched stories about Houdini being a spy, the poison theories, conspiracy, and other ridiculous notions that have never been raised until these came out.

While Beck makes some historical mistakes, and supports some of the newer, wilder theories, his talk was interesting and entertaining.

Check out his hiSTORY Video here