Cell Escape – The Real Secret


January 11, 2017 by houdiniandhardeen

1/11/2017 Harvey Hanford

“…I extensively researched Houdini’s seemingly supernatural escapes, concentrating for a period on his remarkable jail cell escapes.   Many authors have put forward theories. Believe me, none have even come close to the real secret! I personally visited the jail cells in England from which Houdini performed his escapes all those years ago. Their locations were drawn from contemporary newspaper accounts made by the reporters who actually witnessed the stunt being performed. And very detailed they are – most running into many column inches. After four years of almost weekly study, at last I had his closely guarded secret! I set about proving this by duplicating his naked cell escapes at every opportunity…”

David De-Val.

Finally this long out of print book is available again!

I’ve just finished reading ‘Cell Escape The Real Secret’ by the late David De-Val and I can tell you it is amazing! I have many books on Houdini’s methods but none of them go into his greatest of all escapes “Prison Breaks!”. In this book De-Val takes you through his journey start to finish and explains how he himself discovered Houdini’s secret and put it to the test in many of the same Prison and Jail Cells that Houdini escaped in England.

It is obvious that Houdini was quite brilliant and bold based on what it would take to pull off a Cell Escape. The preparation before the escape, the risks he was taking, and his ability to continually escape without fail is quite daunting when you think about it. David highlights the risks to an Escape Artists career in the book. One slip up would have ruined his career!

This is a must for the Escape Artist that wants to attempt a Cell Escape or for the Houdini Historian that must finally know the secret. David De-Val was a master escape artist. It is truly remarkable how he discovered Houdini’s Cell Escape methods and proved that they work!


This improved publication has 78 pages packed with never seen before color photo’s and illustrations. There is also some new chapters including how some modern day escapologists have put David’s methods to the test and succeeded!

The credit for this re-release goes to David’s daughter Rebecca De-Val, and Allan James Taylor. All copies are signed by Rebecca De-Val.

You can order yours from David De-Val Magic

Now to find a Jail Cell that I can try this on!



4 thoughts on “Cell Escape – The Real Secret

  1. I don’t believe there was just “one” secret to the jail escape, but the focus would have been on the lock of the cell door. Interesting that those who own this book won’t discuss its contents on any public Houdini blog. Ha!


  2. Let’s face it, the only way out of the jail cell for Houdini was to attack the lock of the door. But as you pointed out, the mystery was in the concealment of the necessary tools. When you’re nude, that can be a problem. We know that early on he was caught with a pick glued under his foot in a New York cell.


    • I forgot about that about the pick under the foot incedent. Is that described in the Silverman book? Something about surgeons tape?
      If memory serves there is also something in one of the books about a needle found in the cell on the floor after he escaped and another story about his pick being discovered hidden in the cell maybe up on the bars.


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