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Harvey Hanford is an Escape Artist, Magician and Houdini researcher.

It all started for me in the 70’s. First it was the Doug Henning’s World of Magic Shows broadcast on NBC. I saw him escape from the Water Torture Cell. Then on Friday the 8th 1976 I saw the made for TV movie “The Great Houdini” starring Paul Michael Glaser and Sally Struthers. I was hooked!

Then my dad taped the 1953 move “Houdini” starring Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh on his Beta Max Recorder. It aired after my bed time on a Friday. I couldn’t sleep all night because I was so excited. I got up at 6am and snuck downstairs Saturday morning. I watched the entire movie and right at the end when they put Harry into the Water Torture Cell….bsssshhhhh the tape ended. Nothing but static. My dad set the tape to end to early! What happened to Houdini? I couldn’t believe it. I had to know how it ended. I went to my local library and checked out every book I could find about Houdini, Magic, Locks etc. I started performing magic and escapes. I took Houdini’s name and his brother’s name Hardeen and became The Great “Hardini”!

That experience started me on a life long passion to know everything about Houdini, Hardeen , Magic and Escapology. I decided to start this Blog to share what I have learned over the years, and invite you to come along with me as I discover more about Harry Houdini and his brother Theo Hardeen.

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